Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some things I'll remember about Grandpa

-He always made it clear who held the power in his household, affectionately referring to his wife by the title "the boss".

-When Piper and I visited shortly after our marriage, it was grandpa who had to take us back to the airport. Just before we stepped out of the house, he turned to grandma and said, "Don't go getting any boyfriends while I'm gone".

-He spoke Japanese with an awful American accent.

-Talking with grandpa about politics was a big no-no. Doing so would invariably end up with complaints of the government wanting his money and references to problems caused by the "left coast".

-He could build anything with his bare hands.

-One-piece jumpsuits were always in style. The only other outfit I've seen him wear is a white collared shirt, black pants and a tie.


Alan Bahr said...

What a hoot! That's so right about Dad's Japanese. He never quite got rid of the Wasatch twang when he spoke it.

Emi said...

So funny - Dad always came up with some silly comment when least expected. . . Good times. . .