Saturday, April 25, 2009

The biggest part of my grandpa, that I will remember, is his role in my faith. He was the one that baptized and confirmed me. He ordained me a Deacon and later a Teacher. He is my role-model when it came to the gospel. I am very proud of him. His history in the church and experiences strengthen my own testimony. On one occasion, my grandfather and I sat down to look at some of the church buildings he had built in Japan. As he told me about each and every one of the structures, I could not help but marvel at the determination and intelligence that he possessed. He is a man of faith and experience. I am sad that he did not live to be able to ordain me a Priest, but I know that when the time comes, he will be standing in the room, with his trademark "here-comes-trouble" grin plastered across his face.

I will always remember the times where he offered to fight me. He would come up to me with fists raised, much in the manner of an adolescent schoolboy, and say "ooh, so you wanna fight now?" His eyes on these instances were the brightest I have ever beheld. Sadly, every time he tried to scrap with me, I politely declined with a snicker. I cannot wait til the day when we are reunited and I can finally take him up on his offer and "put 'em up."

I love you Grandpa and know that you love me too "cause the bible says it so."

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